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Imagine boosting engagement by a staggering 76% — with just one simple tweak. In this issue, we're unpacking the power of social proof and how it's rocketing clicks through the roof. Get ready to harness this strategy for your own growth success!

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Growth Hack: Social Proof Skyrockets Clicks by 76%

When it comes to conversions, never underestimate the power of social proof! Simon Hoiberg from FeedHive conducted an eye-opening A/B test on his landing page that speaks volumes. The experiment? Comparing the impact of adding social proof to the landing page hero section.

The Setup: Two landing pages—one with social proof in the form of micro-testimonials and star ratings, and the other without.


The Impact: Incorporating social proof boosted clicks on the 'Get Started' call-to-action from 9.1% to an impressive 16%—a whopping 76% increase!


This result underscores the immense influence of social proof on building trust and credibility, which in turn persuades visitors to take action.

Please note: The test focused solely on click-through rates, not sign-ups or revenue. Results can vary, and it's crucial to run your tests and continuously innovate.

Another example

Not convinced yet? Take a leaf out of TypingMind's playbook. They flipped the script, enhancing their landing page with social proof that speaks volumes:

  • 18,203+ happy customers can't be wrong.

  • Garnered 1.3k votes to become Product of the Day.

  • Boasting a 92% satisfaction rate from 1000+ ratings.

  • Their AI chatbot rates 4.8 stars, and they've hit a full 5-star rating for value for money.

This kind of social proof doesn't just boost credibility — it magnetizes your product, turning casual browsers into eager customers. By placing such impressive metrics front and center, TypingMind amplifies trust and seals the deal with potential users.

Your takeaway: Leverage the power of social proof, just like TypingMind. It's not just about the numbers; it's the stories they tell and the confidence they instill. When customers are happy, let that happiness shine through every facet of your marketing — the results will follow.

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That’s it for this edition's growth hacks. I hope you’ve found these strategies insightful and applicable to your ventures. Your feedback is invaluable to me, so please reply your thoughts and suggestions. Together, we’ll keep refining and improving this newsletter. Until next time, keep hacking growth!

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