Transform paid users into brand ambassadors, unlock clearer view in Google Search Console

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Welcome to the 1st edition of Fazier Growth Hacks.

I am super excited to start this newsletter. Every Monday, I will send you 1 best growth hack, and top Fazier launches of the week.

To kickstart the newsletter journey, here are the 3 growth hacks:

Growth Hack #1: Leverage Podcasts for Quality Backlinks

In the quest for building high-quality backlinks, the traditional route is to pay per link or reach out to thousands of people to build backlinks. With podcasts, you can bypass the above 2 methods.

Enter the underutilized strategy of appearing on podcasts. Here's why and how it works wonders:

Direct approach: Start by identifying podcasts relevant to your industry and reach out to them with the proposal of being a guest. Your participation as a guest allows you to naturally talk about your website and specific content pieces, weaving in the need for backlinks in a context that adds value to the podcast audience.

Seamless integration: Podcast hosts typically include show notes on their episode webpages, where they can link back to your mentioned content. This not only serves your backlink strategy but also enhances brand visibility and funnel listeners directly to your site.

Added benefits: Beyond the primary goal of building backlinks, this method fosters brand awareness and potentially converts listeners into customers—all without the direct costs associated with traditional link-building methods.

Pro tip: Provide the podcast host with the specific URLs you'd like mentioned. This ensures accuracy and maximizes the relevance of your backlinks.

Growth Hack #2: Transform Paid Users Into Brand Ambassadors via Affiliate Programs

Imagine turning your paid users into active promoters of your product, all while enhancing their engagement and loyalty. Here's how:

Incentivize with affiliate links: Allow paid users to incorporate their affiliate links into the 'Powered by [Your Company]' logo. This strategy has been masterfully employed by companies like ConvertKit, demonstrating its effectiveness.

Easy integration: Place this affiliate-powered logo in high-visibility areas such as the email footer for email marketing tools or in confirmation pages for transactions/emails. This not only drives brand awareness through every user interaction but also opens up an additional revenue stream for your customers.

Tip: It's particularly effective for SaaS products that offer embeddable widgets or scripts, including scheduling tools, chat platforms, and podcast players.

Implementing this hack creates a symbiotic relationship between your product and its users, turning them into affiliates who benefit directly from promoting your tool. It's a strategic move that can significantly amplify your product's reach while rewarding your user base.

Growth Hack #3: Unlock a Clearer View in Google Search Console with This Simple Trick

Navigating Google Search Console can sometimes feel like you're sifting through a maze of data, especially when trying to get an unobstructed view of your non-branded query performance. Here's a straightforward method to filter out branded queries using a regex filter, making this tool even more powerful for your SEO analysis.

  1. Go to the filter options: Visit Google Search Console’s performance section, then click New > Query and select "Custom (regex)" from the filter choices.

  1. Select the right match type: Ensure you choose "Doesn't match regex" to exclude queries.

  2. Craft your regex filter: Enter the keywords you associate with your brand, separated by the vertical bar (|), also known as the pipe character. This tells Google Search Console to exclude any search queries containing those brand-specific keywords.

For example, if your brand is "Fazier", and you are running a newsletter “Fazier Growth Hacks”, you would enter “Fazier|Fazier Growth Hacks” in the regex field.

This approach might seem a bit technical at first glance, especially for those not familiar with regex or developers' lingo. However, it's a surprisingly simple and effective way to refine your data analysis, giving you clearer insights into how non-branded search queries are driving traffic to your site.

That’s it. I hope you liked these growth hacks. From next week, there will be 1 or 2 growth hacks. And I will surely improve the newsletter with your feedback.

Fazier Launches

  • Detachless Lets you publish websites directly from Figma to the web. With Detachless, transform your designs into live websites without stepping out of Figma.

  • Motion Shot Creates attractive, shareable walkthrough guides. Convert your knowledge base into informative guides that help your customer support, and new hires in a step-by-step format.

  • Webscrape AI - scrape any website without code using AI. No coding skills are required.

  • Seo By AI helps you kickstart your marketing efforts and rank higher on search engines without spending a dime.

  • Hour Tag - team time tracking made pleasant for free. Effortlessly track your team's work hours, add all your members, and get a lot of work done.

  • Yellow Tomato is a pomodoro time & site blocker extension that improves focus and productivity.

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